Recommended Readings

Becoming Your Own Banker

Author R. Nelson Nash

With more than 500,000 copies sold, this book continues to transform the lives of Canadians. Exercise your imagination with this major paradigm shift.  You’ll discover how to keep the money in your family or business. Discover how to recapture the interest that you presently pay to banks and finance companies for the major things you need throughout your lifetime.

There have been many people who have had a glimpse of what this book is all about, but none, to my knowledge, has put together a comprehensive rationale such as you will see here.  Read it with an open mind and you will discover an exciting new financial world!

The And Asset

Author Caleb Guilliams
(Canadian Version Co-Authored by Caleb and Jayson C. Lowe COMING SOON!)

Ascendant Financial and Better Wealth Solutions have strategically partnered to bring this message to Canadians Nationwide.  The secret way to save and use your money at the same time. You are your greatest asset. Your number one investment should be in yourself!

Here’s what you’ll learn from this amazing book:

  • How to be more efficient with your money
  • How to get true lifetime compound interest
  • How to master control over your wealth
  • How to pay less taxes and fees
  • The 16 benefits of an ideal investment account
  • The Controlled Compounding Strategy
  • The best account for savings - Master Account
  • And much, much, more...

The Case for IBC Second Edition

Author R. Nelson Nash, Carlos Lara, Robert P. Murphy PhD

Something is FUNDAMENTALLY WRONG with our financial system

R. Nelson Nash’s Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) is a revolutionary method to take the banking function away from the “experts” and return it to the individual household and business owner.

In The Case for IBC, Nash is joined by business consultant L. Carlos Lara and economist Robert P. Murphy to provide the most succinct explanation to date of why IBC works.